Peter Hallock

Peter Hallock was born on November 15, 1941, in Kansas City, Missouri. At a very young age Peter's mom recognized how vocally gifted her young son was becoming. She started Peter's vocal training at the age of five. She made sure that Peter's training taught him to sing from his diaphragm. This training is what allows Peter to hold his notes with such intensity.

Peter's mom loved to sing and while they were riding around in their 1943 Chevrolet, she would turn the radio up and have Peter sing the lyrics back to her while she sang harmony. Then she would sing the lead and have Peter sing harmony. This was a fun lesson that taught Peter to become the well rounded singer he is today. It also encouraged him to sing harmony on some of the tracks on his CD.

As Peter grew older he realized he had a natural talent at picking up phrasing and voices. When Elvis came out in 1956, it took Peter just three weeks to capture Elvis' phrasing and voice. The kids at High School were always asking Peter, "How do you do that?" He always gave them the same answer, "I have no idea." And to this day, he still does not know how, but he can still do it. By the end of the 50's Peter had many of his favorite singers voices down pat. From Elvis, Ricky and Johnny Raye to Buddy Holly and Marty Robbins.

After graduating from Bonita High School, Peter served in the Army. He went on to receive a degree in Psychology from La Verne College in Southern CA. Peter would spend the next 15 years working as a Youth Counselor at the California Youth Authority in Chino, CA. Peter never lost his love for singing. When his job permitted, Peter sang at clubs and private functions.

Being able to record his voice has always been a dream of Peter's. So, when the opportunity arose at the age of 61,Peter though, "Better late then never." Having never sang with the band, he managed to lay down 14 tracks in two and a half hours. And he did it LIVE! On that exciting day, Peter finally lived his dream with his first CD titled "ROCKABILLY." Peter has recorded a second CD which has the "Oldies" he grew up with and still love so very much. Once again, 14 tracks, same amount of time and once again LIVE. We hope there will be other CD's in Peter's future. His love for music will never die. As long as he has a breath, there will be a song in his heart.

We hope you choose to listen to Peter's wonderful singing voice. We promise, you will not be disappointed and there will be a song in your heart.

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