Songs from the heart

"Songs From The Heart" is a rare find these days: new recordings of old songs, recorded by a singer who was around at the time that these songs were new, but had never recorded them himself. Mr. Hallock's voice is strong when the song calls for it and gentle when it needs to be. Not to be overlooked is the spirited guitarwork of Johnny Fortune, who is quite the musician in his own right.
C.M. Cross

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hot rockin'

Whether you grew up in the'50s or in another era, Rockabilly/Rock music will always have a timeless appeal. It doesn't matter if Peter is performing on stage or singing to friends around the fire, these are some of his favorite songs. On this CD, unlike his other two, Peter plays rhythm guitar and is joined by the very talented Jeannine O'Neal on lead guitar.As alway, we hope you enjoy this CD and the songs we have chosen.

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up beat rockabilly

I have been performing since I was nine years old. Making this CD was a dream come true. It is the first of hopefully more to come. My thanks go to my excellent back-up band. I would also like to thank my lead guitarist, Johnny Fortune. Not only is he a legend, but he is also a good friend. I hope you enjoy our choice of Rockabilly songs. May you also have as much fun listening as I did singing.

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In this compilation I have sung songs that have been around for many years. But few people have recorded them before. People are alway asking when am I going to record new songs? There are two on this CD, YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE and IRON WILL. I hope that you enjoy this new CD. Please give a listen to my three other CD'S: ROCKABILLY, songs from the heart and HOT ROCKIN'.

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